21 Day Design Your Life Challenge ~ Day 1

The Challenge

I like 21 day challenges because they create just enough evidence for me to really understand that almost anything is possible. This challenge is a little different from most, it isn’t going to ask you to run, job, diet, or clean. The challenge is simply going to be “design your life”

Day 1

In order to understand how important this first day is, let’s just talk about habits.  We all have them.  We have habits of thinking, habits of doing and yes, even habits of being.  They are the automatic aspects of our life. In fact, most of them aren’t really habits anymore, they have been so fully integrated into our lives they are considered personality traits, right?

When you do something once or twice, it’s considered an incident or an occurrence.

When you do something over the course of a few weeks of a few months, it’s called a habit.

When you do something over the course of a few years (or more than just a few) it would be considered a personality trait.

That means that the action is so fully integrated into your being that you aren’t even thinking.

If you’ve been to my workshops, then you’ve heard me talk about we got where we are today.

We had a thought –> which created an emotion
The Emotion –> drove us to action
The action –> created a result

Your thought –> Your Emotion
Your Emotion –> Your Action
Your Action –> Your Result

But what happens with a habit?  Aren’t we now removing the thought?  Aren’t we now, just experiencing the emotional response, the brain is receiving the chemicals of the emotion and driving the action, which creates the result, which feeds the emotion, which … well you get the idea.  We drop the creative and analyzing and wondering and speculating and questioning, and marveling and admiring and pondering part… we drop the thought.

Day One?

Today you are going to pay attention.  PAY ATTENTION

And your assignment is to give yourself 1-2 minutes each morning and each night, thinking about joy.  Thinking about how it feels and really milking that feeling.

For some people joy will feel like a relaxing day on the beach, for others it will feel like a Saturday afternoon with friends at a barbecue. And yet others, it will be that time in High School when you won the award for most gifted band member, or faster 100 meter, or when you got the part in the high school play.

The point is joy. Just the joy. Don’t talk yourself out of the joy, just remember the feeling and of joy.

Why Joy?  Think about it.  Why do you want a better job, or a nicer house, or a husband or to lose weight or to travel?  Why do you think you want those things?  If you answer more money, look past the money. What is it that you think you will achieve when you… achieve?  Isn’t it joy?  Isn’t it happiness?  Aren’t we all working towards that ultimate goal?

Money isn’t a goal, money is a tool.  Money makes everything easier, like having a hammer makes building a house easier.  You would never consider the hammer your goal?  Put money in its place in your life, understand it’s purpose… and you are one step closer to understanding your soul purpose.  Joy.

So, Day 1: Start to pay attention, and spend 1-2 minutes in the morning and 1-2 minutes at night, experiencing the feeling of joy.



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