Abut the writer (me)

You will learn almost everything you need to know about me by reading my work.

I am incredibly, miraculously …. and I think delightfully ordinary.

So, in my effort to tell you who I am… I will start with who I am not…

I am not famous (yet)

I am not fake (what you see is what you get)

I am not an automated website with form letters (everything is written to share with you)


Now… for what I am…

I am really really good at helping people reach their goals.


Coaching isn’t therapy… it’s more like an accountability session, or brain storming session or a coffee break with a good friend… it’s helping people say things out loud about goals and aspirations that, they have only barely allowed themselves to think…

It’s teaching people about happiness, joy and abundance…

I am all about making each day AMAZING

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