Day 4 – 21 Day Design Amazing Life Challenge

Day 4 – Journaling and your brain

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Welcome to Day 4, today starts the real work. The real habit changing work, today we are going to test how important this challenge really is to your life.

Your subconscious mind needs evidence that something is working, to fight back the insidious auto-suggestions that “this is stupid, just go back to bed” or “why change now?” Your auto-pilot needs a new road map.  Your subconscious mind is the only programming language your body understands, so to activate your new amazing life, we have to convince the subconscious mind to get on board.

That’s not easy because there are thousands of pieces of data that try to get in every day in thousands of ways and the gatekeeper is pretty good at shutting them out. In fact, much of the data gets released when you sleep, so to change the habit of being you, we need to provide your subconscious mind with evidence it can’t dispute.

AND GUESS WHAT!  You’re going to need to write the script.  You know cursive!  Those long flowing connected characters! J

Writing is called an ideomotor skill, it links the brain and the body together. That’s why we sometimes remember things better when we write them down because our body is involved in the memory.  Aren’t there other things that the body helps us remember?  How many times have you needed to dial someone’s phone number to remember it?  Or what about riding a bike or driving a manual car?  You aren’t thinking and working through these activities in your mind as much as your body is “remembering” they are automatic, they are subconscious.

This is where writing in your journal comes in.

As an ideomotor skill, your hand writing is one of the most obvious example of habit.  The habit of writing is a great llustration of the your mind/body connection. For instance, you aren’t thinking about how you’re forming the letters are you write, you are only thinking about what you’re writing.  The other benefit of writing is that it also teaches us.  When we learn something it makes us feel something, when we feel something it affects the chemicals in our brain… so you see the cycle it creates, right?

We agree that your handwriting is automatic.  You don’t need to relearn how to write, each time, you just write.  You learned to write through repetition. And, when you think about it, you’ll also agree that we learned most of our automatic responses through repetition.

The things that we do, that we don’t need to think about are things that we have done over and over and over again without thinking. Scientists are discovering more and more how what begins as a Mind à Body look, once automatic becomes a habit of the body controlling the actions of the mind.

Each time we feel something, or experience an emotion, a chemical is released in out brains. We are literally addicted to our habits.  Have you ever tried to change something in your life only to talk yourself out of that change?  Only to talk yourself into starting on a different day, or delaying the change until the perfect time?  You do not THINK when you change your plans, you are FEELING the uncertainty and resistance to change.

Enter journaling and the subconscious mind.

Keeping a journal of positive aspects of your life is a simple way to provide your subconscious mind with proof of the positive changes you are seeking to experience.

I want to point out that I said this was SIMPLE, I didn’t say EASY.  Because even this small change will be threatened after the first day or so.  Believe me, even if you are currently journaling you will feel resistance to this request for “more time” or “a different way”.  If you aren’t currently journaling, you may declare that you simply “do not have enough time”.

If you want more of the same, keep doing what you’re doing.  If you don’t want different results, then give this book to someone else.  Let someone else change their life and experience a ridiculously amazing life!

In order to change what we experience, whether it’s relationships, circumstances or situations, we need to change ourselves first.

Our whole lives we are taught to manipulate other people and other things into bringing us happiness, but it’s not working.  Seriously, we are taught from a young age that selfishness is bad and along side that instruction we spend hours every day learning how to make other people feel good or wanted.  We learn how to behave to make other people happy.  We learn that our lives aren’t really our own, but rather designed to create something for someone else.

Like it or not, we are taught from a young age that conformity has rewards. And we are told that only the very talented that can not help but shine through the droning indoctrination of our western schools are recognized for their unique gifts.  The fact is, that we are all completely unique. There is no one exactly like you on the planet.  I am hoping that this isn’t the first time that anyone has ever asked you to celebrate how wonderful you are, because you are magnificent!

There is no one on the planet that does exactly what you do the way that you do it.  There is no one that thinks like you, hums like you, sings like you, smiles like you, stares in anger like you. You are unique!  And if you want to change something about your situation or circumstance you have the power to change it.  It’s that simple.  You have to make that change the most important thing in your life and stop worrying about what other people are going to think, and start paying attention to what you think!

Simple right? (or should I say, “write” ha ha ha ha)

Let’s agree for the next 21 days that you will make the “21 Day Design Your Amazing life Challenge” the most important thing.


We are going to need to practice paying attention, and we are going to need to write.

This will be life changing.

Day 4 Challenge:

Write 3 pages of positive observations of the current day and/or previous day.  (Yes 3 pages, believe me it will be easier than you think) Start each daily writing with a positive statement such as: I am looking forward to noticing something wonderful today, I can’t wait to experience…

My journal pages during the challenge look like this:

I am so excited to start a new day and can’t wait to see what fantastic experiences will be created.  I already love the way the sun is lighting up my window pane and the birds are singing so loudly like they’re singing for me.

I’m looking forward to my first cup of delicious cup of coffee and I’m so thankful that I remembered to set the timer so it will be ready when I go down stairs. ….

Sometimes I have amazing things happen, like crazy excellent traffic, or unexpected gifts or phone calls.  Your challenge on Day 4 is to take the time to write it all down.  Someone bought you a cup of coffee, remember how great that felt!  A beautiful bird landed in your path while you were walking and looked up at you and seemed to speak… remember your sense of awe.  Your children did something thoughtful, a letter or a check came in the mail… document everything positive big or small.

Remember à  The key is to FEEL positive.  Don’t just pay it lip service, you need to FEEL it!

Have fun.

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