Day 6: Finding Something New in Today – 21 Day Design Your Life Challenge

Day 6: Finding Something New in Today – 21 Day Design Your Life Challenge

Do you ever wake up feeling that the struggle is real?  I know, right?  Sometimes it’s the aches and pains of sleeping wrong, sometimes it’s the weight of the latest news report and sometimes there’s nothing in particular that makes your eyes sting with tears.  That’s the beauty of our lives as humans, we feel things.

As humans our lives are built around our ability to judge.  We are always analyzing, we look to the sky to determine the weather, we see the traffic to gauge our morning commute, we look at our friends to evaluate the outfit we selected.

If you’re like me, you have already acquired several habits of activity.  For instance, I get up before the kids, grab my coffee and head out to my office to write.   After about 2 hours, I wake the kids, make breakfasts and lunches, take a shower, put on one of my 4 work outfits and head out to the job that pays most of the bills.

Writing it like that makes it seem too mundane, so flat and unfeeling.

But what I want to convey is that the 2 hours that I give myself each morning to write are the most amazing and fulfilling part of my day….usually.

You see, while thinking about how to design my life, I thought about the things that filled it. And I discovered that my internal conversation about my tasks seemed to revolve around the feeling of “having” to do something. And the weight of “HAVING” to do something as opposed to “WANTING” to do something.

Now there are a number of things which we do literally have to do.  If I want to have heat and electricity, I need to pay those bills.  To pay those bills, I’m going to need to have an income. And that’s where we sometimes get trapped.  We get stuck in the “I have to do this” and turn that into “there’s no other way to do this”.

So, on the morning of Day 6… I stopped writing. (You may have noticed if you’re a subscriber that this 21 Day Challenge stopped abruptly).  I went for bike rides after work, I took the kids to Maine and barely worked while there.  I started waking up later and relaxing in bed and I started watching more TV.  As the days progressed; I felt less and less content.  I realized that it wasn’t the “weight of the having” to do something that was bogging me down as much as it was my perception of that weight. Does that make sense?

I am writing now for almost the first time in 2 weeks and I have never felt more free, I have never felt so create and energetic and … and…. and… verbose!

In that time I realized, I had forgotten the golden rule of judgement. The question:  Who are you trying to please?


The answer must be…. your soul.

And so, I return to writing every morning and my heart expands and arms ripple with goosebumps as I try to express to you the moment when you understand that you are in charge of what you do and if you listen to your intuition, you will learn something new each day.

Today you may learn that you enjoy meditation, or love the color of the grass during a gentle rain, or have a talented singing voice.  Once you open yourself to your inner guidance you will start to notice how softly and gently it speaks about your possibilities and the opportunities that are presented to you each day.  Look for new ways to experience your life.

We are designed to judge.  We are designed to analyze, the trick is to use your intuition and intention to create a new evaluation. Instead of “I could never do that” – a statement that tastes negative even though it’s truthful, perhaps think something like, “I wonder what that feels like”.  Do you see?  Words are so powerful and they create these feelings about the conversations that we have.  Just saying positive words doesn’t necessarily mean that we feel positive about the statements.


Take a deep breath and say, “I am enough”.

Let go of the need to manage other people’s perception of you.

Let go of the need to control other people’s perception of you.

EMBRACE the love you have for yourself and appreciate your self-worth and understand that the more you love yourself, the more love you will have available to offer others.

Today I want you to find something new that speaks to your soul.  Whether it’s art, music, a book, a walk in nature, a meditation. Sing to yourself and re-energize how much you value… you.

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