Heal Yourself with Writing

Heal Yourself with Writing

Heal Yourself with Writing

“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” –  Muriel Rukeyser

Premium Online Course by Genevieve Smithem

This online course is an adventure and adventures require brave people. You may tell yourself, that you are where you are because of the situations and circumstances that you have… or are, experiencing. The truth?  The truth is somewhat less rigid.  You see, the truth about your story lies in the story you are actually telling yourself.   Our lives are determined less by our personal history then how we remember it.  Now the adventure is deciding that you are ready to step into a different outcome.

For many the pull of a successful and abundant future is not as strong as the need to remain in the known habit of thinking and behavior.  For many it is enough to know that more exists and to believe “just not for me”… but for you?  Is that for you?

You are invited to this adventure. This journey of discovering how you can change how you think about the things you think about and change your life.  How you can move towards more abundance, happiness and joy in this powerful step by step journey of discovery and re-visioning.

Throughout the 8 session you will be engaged in exercises designed to ease you into a small shift in perspective that will facilitate healing and transformation. You listen to you, you believe the stories you tell yourself about your abilities and your possibilities.  These exercises in focused journaling will help you uncover and step away from the habits of thinking that are no longer serving you and help you step into your present opportunities.   This program is designed to empower and heal by taking the meaning out of your memory and putting the past where it belongs… behind you.  Your current situation and circumstances are built around the meaning that you attribute to the stories you tell yourself about what’s possible.  Understand the story you are living and how you choose to remember it.

No writing experience needed

Topics Covered

  • Re-visioning your life – How to feed the stories that heal
  • Being Brave – Encompassing & Integration of the light & darkness
  • Inner Voice – Getting in touch with your inner guidance
  • Write – Powerful and transformational focused journaling
  • Be Your Guide – Connecting & communicating with higher power
  • Habit of Thought – Understanding your personal myths and limiting beliefs
  • Step Into Bliss – Overcoming trauma beyond traditional psychology
  • Moving Forward – Understanding your soul purpose

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